GS Bike Fit
GS Bike Fit
Professional Bicycle Fitting
  • Professional Bike Fitting service

    Comprehensive service that goes beyond your position and bio-mechanics
    Experience, precision and fine tuning for the perfect fit for you body,

    and the way you ride your bike. 

    My Approach
  • Competitive Racing Expertise

    With 50 years of racing experience,  Gary knows how to set your bike up for any racing event you decide to pursue.
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Bicycle Racing Expertise
​Coming from a competitive cyclist family, racing on the track, road, and off road, a wealth of racing experience

Bicycle Mechanics 

30 years or experience in retail matching different people with different bikes

Professional Fit For All

An optimum fit based on your physiology, cycling discipline, style, and intensity of riding 

What We Do

Comprehensive approach for the perfect fit 

Bike position configuration

It's fun process starting with handlebar position and reach, followed by correct saddle height, shoe position over the pedal and finally alignment of feet, knees and hips. A test ride on the road concludes the process.

Mechanical Recommendations

The mechanical aspect of bike fit is far more important than perceived. there are three adjustments available on the handlebars alone on most bikes and knowledge here is paramount, followed by an ability to carry out the changes to rectify.  It makes your client feel a lot more comfortable with changes being carried out during a fit when they find you started as a bike mechanic prior to retail or bike fit.

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In House Bike Fitting

Like most other bike fit businesses we have a location where we can carry out your bike fit. we're centrally located in Raglan Road North Perth for your easy access and convenience. 

Mobile Bike Fitting

If it suits our clients personal situation we'll come to you, bringing with us the required equipment and tools. The difference in call out cost versus home fit is only $50.00 which we find a minor distraction. We only need to to know whether you have a disc or caliper brake system on your bike so we bring the correct bike fit apparatus.

The Bike Fit Professional

You're in good hands

Bike fit for me has been a developed passion where I've been able to refine years of knowledge and experience and condense that into the highly successful model i use today.

Gary Suckling

GS Bike Fit Founder

Like Father Like Son!  Suckling Bikers

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If you'd like to take the opportunity of benefiting from a bike fit with me, please use the contacts below and we'll book you in for our style of bike fit. We bring back the human contact, using years of experience, rather than relying on a machine to provide your generic outcome.