GS Bike Fit
GS Bike Fit
Professional Bicycle Fitting

Our Vision

To be the company that understands it's customers needs and expectations then goes about achieving the best outcome. 

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the best feeling they've ever experienced while riding a bike and to make them feel comfortable calling any time without prior appointment.

Our Values

Our values simply described, are to put the needs of our customers before our own, then the result will speak for itself.

Our Strength

Drawing on 50 years experience as a racing cyclist and more than 30 years coaching and retailing, evolving into today's bike fit model.

What makes GS bike fit the best choice in perth for professional bike fitting

The GS bike fit business model was developed over many years of practical experience, in the beginning as a racing cyclist sharing knowledge and fitting friends, transitioning into coaching, then finally with thirty years of retail experience. Bike fit became a dominant interest in the final years as a retailer, where up to twenty fits a week in store could be carried out. This demand formed the basis of leaving retail to follow a more enjoyable pathway and the reward of achieving a great result at bike fit gave me confidence four years ago to move into full time bike fit. 

Why choose GS Bike Fit?

We take pride in delivering the best possible bike fit experience and do so with the utmost consideration to being truthful, enabling our customers to make the wisest bike purchasing decision. We offer bike pre-fits, where you're given exact measurements to take to your preferred retailer ensuring the correct sized frame and components at point of purchase. If required we'll recommend a dealer close to you where our referral will ensure a very reasonable price and excellent service. The most significant difference is being prepared to come to you for your bike fit and working for our customers on a weekend if required.

  • Comprehensive Expertise 
  • All Bikes & Cyclists Catered For
  • Competitive Racing Experience
  • Mechanical Changes For Precision Fitting  Available
  • Convenient Perth Location
  • Mobile Bike Fitting Available. (We come to you)
  • Training & Racing Advice 

Gary's Passion for Cycling

Trusted expertise from a lifetime of love of the sport

After 50 years as a racing cyclist and someone who's always taken an interest in people riding bikes, I've gradually headed my interests towards correct bike fitting. Having a coaching background has helped understand a clients needs and specific requirements. Four years ago i decided to leave retail, having an involvement in that field for over 30 years. The main reason for the change of direction was a building interest in bike fit, with over 15 fits a per week being booked at my retail business at the time. I actually loved doing the fits so much more than retailing and haven't looked back since that fateful day.