GS Bike Fit
GS Bike Fit
Professional Bicycle Fitting

Our  Bike Fitting Services

Bike Position Configuration

After analysing a customers body type, arm length, torso length, flexibility etc, we then have a foundation to begin a thorough bike fit. 

Mechanical Changes 

Starting my career as a bicycle mechanic gives me a significant advantage over others carrying out bike fit. All bikes come semi assembled and brakes and handlebars aren't always set in the correct position. Most busy retailers don't always have time to make necessary corrections, enabling us to sort this whilst fitting.

Riding Aims and Style

Before carrying out a bike fit we like to find out what the customers see's as his priority in his own bike fit. For example one rider may want to be really aero with a low front end to race criteriums and another may be looking for a more relaxed position for cycle touring.  Our goal is to cater to the individuals needs and find his sweet spot.

Training & Advice

While carrying out a bike fit, the question of training techniques quite often presents its self and when this occurs i like to help out with a basic starter plan. This can turn into a coaching plan somewhere up the track, though It's important to recognise where people are at before giving them information overload.

Group Rides

From time to time we carry out group rides, where a bike fit customer might like us to look at him while riding after he's had a fit. This is a great way of checking the on road body adaption of his or her fit.